Friday, June 1, 2012

Is it fair enough?
You wrote me a letter, but then I write a post. 
Life always has its up and down. Never be fair enough to everybody.
I don't have a gifted talent to write. but, there's no other way for me to burst out all the things i carried for a long period of time. 
You have apologized once. For me, you had done enough already. 
All the things you've done, didn't wash away.
Everybody said I'm bad for what I've done, but don't you remember you're the one who started this mess. 
Don't you see you're the bad guy? 
I don't see an apology can turn someone into angel. Unless, the apology comes from a sincere heart that regret. 
You said you love me as a friend. But, for some reason. I didn't think you do. 
Seeking sympathy? 
You always have others to hold your back. Then why still coming for me? 
Just go with them. They are good. Never been bad as I do. 
I had enough already. 
You didn't owe me for all the things I've done for you. Just go on with your life. Live with the others. 
I may not going to be there to talk, laugh with you. 
I had enough already. 
You said my silence is killing you. Do you realized that you're the one who started this mode to turn on?
I don't care my silence is killing you because this silence makes me happy. 
I'm sorry. 
It takes more that 'SORRY' to fix this. 
Hope time makes things better. 

The End. 

walk away from you is the best decision for now

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miss sadiq! said...

Awat sedeyh jer bunyi nyer?
X rocklah cenggini. Chill k? :)