Saturday, June 2, 2012

Create your Vintage Looks

I was loitering through Facebook just now.
Suddenly, I had a feeling to open the Photoshop and started dragging picture in it.
I've learn how to edit pictures into Vintage Looks through someone's Blog few months back.
So, I decided to share those step in my Blog.
This is how my Vintage Look looks like,

My Vintage Edition 

First thing to do after launching your Photoshop is to drag a picture that you want to transform into the Vintage Look. 

Then, create a new layer. 

Select your colour and fill in the layer.

Adjust the Opacity into 45% and adjust the layer properties into Lighten

Now, here's the trick comes. We need few pictures to create the vintage look. 

 By selecting one of the texture you are interested to add on your picture, drag the picture into the Photoshop and scale it to fit your picture

Adjust the properties of the layer from Normal to Linear Burn and adjust the opacity until you get your satisfied image. 

Here's the final Vintage Look of mine. 

Hope my first tutorial can be helpful to you. 
Have a nice time experimenting your Vintage Look. 

The End

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miss sadiq! said...

Yeayhhh! Nice tutorial dude!
Nanti mau cube. :D