Wednesday, May 4, 2011

emotional breakdown~!

why people facing facebook 24/7? haaa... pnah x terpk knapa.. this is one of the topic that comes out for group discussion for one of my course subject. releven kan? knapa kta sangap sangat dgn facebook skrg ek....

antara jawapan yg dapat dikeluarkn melalui group disscussion itu adalah
  1. updates
  2. gossip
  3. sharing of information without limitation
  4. games!!
btolkan? mira nk fokus dgn game. sbb topik entry berkaitan dgn games yg disediakan oleh facebook. games dia best kn. and it needs attention since most of the game ada time duration for certain things mcm harvesting plant, feed fish, pick up dish and so on.

one of the games that makes me addicted is FISHVILLE

what interesting about this game is kta kna bela ikan... then ckup umur kta jual and gain coins along with sand dollars if kta dapat level up.
ikan dia ada bnyak jenis and chomel2 suma nya. the fishes are in vibrant color and nice pattern on their body...
see? cantik kn ikan dia?

apa yg boleyh mmbuatkn mira dapat emotional breakdown bla men game nie.. rupa2nya game facebook pon boleyh kena hack!! bkan nye profile yg x log out je boleyh kna hack.
my precious aquarium kna hack. ada org curik sya pnya sand dollar. :(
oh ya~! lupe plak. sand dolar tu mcm nie
usual amount of bnda nie ada dkat upper left side of the monitor. mcm nie

nmpak x? mcm org nie ada 2 la sand dolaar dia tu

huh.. sdeyh nya.. sand dollar hilang dari 4 tgal 1. kuang asam btol org yg curik tu. kalau korg nk tawu mcm mna game2 dkt FB nie boleyh di hack. cri la kt you tube. ada bnyak :P

sdeyh la.. kna kmpul blik sand dollar. tpi kalau kna curik lagi mcm mna?

p/s: games are not always bring disadvantages, sometimes it does bring benefit. mcm melalui game nie. dia mngajar kta tggungjawab nk kna jga ikan2 nie. kalau x bgi mkn dia mati :)

till then,

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